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Effective Natural Acne Treatment

Acne can make a bad appearance on the face at some point between cradle and grave. It is mostly popular for adolescents and those who are in their 20s because of high levels of hormones like testosterone. The face is covered by small hair follicles. Sweat travels through the follicles as does the oily substance known as sebum. There are acne treatments or nodules treatment that most people are familiar with like washing the face regularly, managing levels of stress, doing exercises and applying benzoyl peroxide to the skin. But there are other natural acne treatments; there are some with proven effectiveness while others have not. Check out here for nodules and papules treatment.

Before you start using any natural acne treatment it is vital to watch out what you are eating. Do not consume processed foods it is imperative to eat real foods and ensure that enough fats is in your diet like coconut oil and avocados. It is also important that you test your blood for vitamins or nutrients. Ensure that you are not deficient. Acne might be as a result of an allergy. Find out if there is any allergen that might be causing acne like gluten that reduces amount of nutrients that has been absorbed. Other popular allergens include eggs, dairy and yeast. Here are some of the best natural acne treatments.

Baking soda

It is one of the most powerful natural remedy for acne. It helps to reduce inflammation and breakouts. Apart from that it is an exfoliator and removes dead skin cells. Due to this it works great through reducing old scars. If you want to use baking soda take a few teaspoons of baking soda then mix with warm water until it is going to form a paste. Then apply the paste to the skin. You can leave it for around fifteen minutes because it might be powerful. After using it once you are going to see a big difference on your skin.

Coconut oil

The benefit of this natural remedy is that it is antibacterial. The oil is gentle and moisturizing. It helps in fighting bacterial and will reduce redness. Apply the oil to the skin then massage it. You can apply a few times daily. If you use coconut oil there is no need of using a moisturizer it works very well and doesn’t clog on the pores.

Tea tree oil

It is an important oil and antibacterial. If you want to apply it mix a small amount of oil with equal amount of water. Dip cotton ball to the mixture and apply to the skin. You can reapply the whole day. There are various types of health food stores that sell tea tree oil. It can also be found in pharmacies.


When it comes to this natural remedy you can use squeezed fresh lemon. Lemon is composed of antibacterial properties that help to clear the skin. Apply the juice to the skin and leave it to settle for one hour. Lemon is also one of the best natural remedy blackhead removal solution. For details, click here


It is not only a good natural antibacterial when it is ingested it works very well. If you want to use it take a clove of garlic then slice it. Then rub the slices on the skin and ensure that the juice of garlic is applied.

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