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A Great Time Out!

Everyone needs to have a break from the stress and daily grind at work. One of the most common ways to unwind is to treat the tired body to an entertaining visual experience. An answer to this is the viewing of movies in cinemas. While movies can be shown anywhere, from the television to mobile devices, screening a movie in a specially built cinema will always be a special experience.

The Beginning of Entertainment Innovation

It all started in 2000, when the Grand Cineplex, now known as Novo Cinemas, was opened in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This cinema has become the cornerstone of one of the regions greatest entertainment chains. It is also the first one to introduce cinema innovations such as e-kiosks, online booking and its own mobile app in the region. Furthermore, it is the only one to have an IMAX screen in UAE.

Moving Across Borders

From that one cinema in Dubai, the company now has more than 119 screens and provides 22,000 seats. Across UAE, Qatar and Jordan, Novo Cinemas can be found in 15 locations. It is planning to expand more, adding up to 80 more screens by the end of 2015 and including Bahrain in its list of countries. Furthermore, the IMAX network will be increased from one to four enormous screens.

Not Just a Viewing Experience

The company strives to provide more than just a viewing experience. It envisions that its cinemas be a place where people meet, share, contribute, celebrate and connect. Movie showing will be more than just about the show; it will be about connecting with friends and family. Taking special attention to changing needs and habits of society, it promises a complete entertainment experience through extended customer service. It provides support beyond what you see and even has a call center to address customer concerns, either before, during or after a movie screening.

A Wider Selection

The movies that are screened in the cinemas are not just limited to famous Hollywood shows. There are also a number of shows from Arab producers and Bollywood. Even movies from as far as the Philippines are having theatrical releases on their screens.

Relax and Unwind

It is important to keep one’s health, by releasing the stress that has built up in time due to work. Watching a movie, whether alone or with friends and family, is a good way to entertain the mind. But the company that will provide service beyond film screening will be the cinema of choice and give one the best value for the hard earned money that will be spent.

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