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Archive for November, 2014

From The Suzuki To The Mercedes, It Is The Same Car Battery That Is Used

Sunday, November 9th, 2014

There are four categories into which your stint with a particular car can be classified into. These are buying, driving, maintaining and selling. Buying a car is relatively easy and so is driving it. Maintaining a car can prove to be job full of hassles and this can lead to problems in selling it off. Regular car services are required in predefined time intervals. Car makers specify the time duration and the maintenance costs while the customer is purchasing the car. A well kept service history report can be an added advantage while selling off the car. A service history report that does not show too much expenditure on maintenance can well be the key factor to a getting a good resale value for the car.

Car Batteries Car batteries or automotive batteries are required for starting the motor, switching the lights and running the ignition system of the car. This is the reason they are also referred to as LSI batteries. Most batteries are lead acid types and use six galvanic cells for their proper functioning. Chemical reactions taking place in the lead acid accumulator power the functions of the car. These are however, quite toxic in nature and efforts should be made to recycle car batteries and use them for the longest period by maintaining them properly and efficiently. Example of car batteries are AC Delco battery, varta etc Giants Of The Car Batteries Business – Varta German manufacturers, Varta are well known car battery suppliers and manufacturers since 1904. They cater to the automobile, industrial and commercial sectors as well. Varta batteries were used in submarines and other war craft during World War II.

The owners however have changed and Johnsons Controls took over the automobile battery industry in 2002. car battery suppliersCar Battery Support And Services A car battery is the support system of the car and is in use all the time whether the car is being driven or whether it is parked. Car battery support is not given due importance nor do car owners make the effort of getting them checked and repaired from time to time. Car battery prices depend on the open circuit voltage, approximate charge and the relative acid density. Chemical Reaction In Car Batteries Car batteries involve lead acid accumulators in which reversible reactions take place thus producing electricity and powering the automobile.

On release of electrons in the electrolytic solution, lead rods give way to ions that combine with the ions of the electrolyte to form lead sulfate. This causes the battery to be discharged. While recharging, the lead sulfate breaks down to give lead oxide and lead ions which respectively combine with the electrolytic solution and the lead rods. These reactions continue endlessly thus powering the automobile. If the technology incorporated into cars with every passing day is studied and examined, it will be seen that the load on car batteries has increased considerably. With more importance given to fuel efficiency, comfort and luxury, car batteries work a lot more than they used to. Therefore, proper maintenance of car batteries is very important. For car battery support or car battery replacement services, click